Davide Rosi Mina



 Leather Crafts store

Handmade in Barcelona

@Rossymina is a small local leather-works shop tucked away in the heart of the old town in Barcelona. It is a family run business where the three artisans Rosi, Mina and Davide are leather-working together since 2005. 

In this cozy leather shop they design, create and hand craft a variety of leather products and you are welcome to observe the work in process and actively participate in the process of custom making and customization of your leather gifts.

At Rossymina leather craft shop offers a large variety of Spanish leather goods.  You can choose from custom leather handbags, leather crossbody bags, handmade jewelry, custom made wallets, hand-painted belts among other handmade presents.

At Rossymina, we highly appreciate your comments, rates, reviews and likes